Treatment and education go hand in hand.

Hernandez Dental is widely known as a leading specialist in the therapy and treatment of temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) issues. When evaluating for potential TMJ problems, we look at all the factors that can and will impact your jaw. We begin with a comprehensive questionnaire and interview, proceeding from there. Treatment can include anything from wearing an orthotic during the day to a night brace while you sleep or much more. Our approach is based on a gradual, step-by-step treatment and education protocol.

TMJ: resolving complex issues head on.

Here’s what you must know: TMJ misalignment can tax the whole nervous system, causing myriad health problems without your knowing it. As in, everything from head and neck pain to sleeping disorders, lower back pain and even dyslexia. Did you know? TMJ can also be a main cause of arthritis, migraines, blocked airways, fibromyalgia and more.

Diagnostic pros and problem solvers.

As the only dental office in the Coachella Valley with an on-site CATSCAN unit for properly diagnosing TMJ and other uses, Hernandez Dental is more than equipped to expertly evaluate patients. Dr. Hernandez utilizes this technology to view the jaw from a broader perspective and devise detailed problem-solving recommendations.

Advocates. Experts. Innovators.

It seems hard to believe, yet the body will in fact contort to accommodate an imbalance. So we look comprehensively at the patient’s health and body to determine whether the TMJ is the source of the problem or the result of other medical issues, as stated. Dr. Hernandez created the Dynamic Balance Protocol of TMJ Stability which is a protocol for the advanced treatment of TMJ-related issues.

Restoring health and quality of life.

As with all our practice, education plays a pivotal role in the way we treat patients. We know we have to address and resolve (with the help of medical referrals, as needed) the patient’s overall health problems to achieve not a temporary fix but rather a thorough and lasting cure. One that elevates the patient’s quality of life.

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