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We practice developmental orthodontics, first assessing any growth-related issues before thinking about braces. This makes the case for starting early and, once again, viewing a child’s orthodontia within the context of his or her development. Our proven expertise and experience inform our practice as we take a more thoughtful, conservative approach.
Misaligned teeth are just one aspect of the complete picture. Part of our initial orthodontic evaluation, we examine everything from the alignment of the teeth and possible crowding to the palate size, tonsils, and whether the patient has trouble sleeping from a blocked airway. The condition of the airways can greatly affect the success of orthodontics because the oral environment and teeth are impacted by not breathing correctly and efficiently.

Fostering growth and development.

As explained above, the importance of taking a complete approach to the practice of orthodontics is key. We call this growth and development orthodontics: examining how the child is actually growing — posture, alignment, facial development — to treat early. To reiterate, the sooner you diagnose issues, the more correctable they can be.

Improving people’s lives.

For example, we might need to expand the jawbone early on, before we proceed to braces. We can analyze and set the jaw correctly, facilitating work that must be done later. To be honest, we have achieved amazing transformations for clients, much to the delight of both parents and children. And this is what really excites us: we are putting into practice our higher purpose to improve people’s lives.

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