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A heightened level of care.
Welcome to the finest family dentistry care available today. As trusted practictioners in general pediatric and adult dentistry, orthodontia, oral surgery, and TMJ therapy and treatment, Hernandez Dental is an accomplished pioneer in the profession. Whether you’re our youngest patient or a valued senior, know that we always endeavor to give you the absolute best care.
It’s time to think about dental needs and treatment differently.
Our philosophy and approach is one of whole-body dentistry, practiced by well known advocate and professional Dr. Frank A. Hernandez, D.D.S., F.I.B.O. At Hernandez Dental, we look at the big picture of your health, examining the underlying causes of conditions rather than simply the cosmetic look of teeth. We believe that today’s dentist must be an integral part of your healthcare team and the condition of your teeth and gums is a vital component of your overall health. Our conscientious and comprehensive program considers every aspect to optimize your health.
High Standards. Superior expertise.
As a specialist in growth and development dentistry (more on this later), we actually help your child grow better by making essential recommendations early on in the growth process. This not only helps minimize challenges later but also gives you an intelligent plan of action, long before braces and other options must be decided. Of course, this complements the full spectrum of general dentistry services we offer: from bonding, composite fillings, crown and bridgework to root canals, surgeries, retro-fills and more.
Delivering on our promise.
We believe a visit to the dentist should be both educational and fun. (Yes, fun.) When you visit Hernandez Dental, we want you to feel comfortable and well cared for. With today’s equipment, highly evolved competency and many resources, pain is no longer even an issue. We ensure the highest standard of care as part of a genuinely reassuring and positive experience.


32 different shades. One superior veneer.
When it comes to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, you can expect a truly superior product. While most veneers use two to six colors, Dr. Hernandez masterfully creates veneers utilizing 32 different porcelains. This creates a superb aesthetic and functional result. With technology now offering exceptional quality materials, we create better and longer lasting veneers, white fillings or any customized cosmetic solution you may need. Get what the movie stars get!
A practice of innovation.
As with the rest of our practice, we seek to identify and correct the underlying issue before proceeding to cosmetic solutions. When cosmetic treatments are based on a solid foundation, they’re not only visually pleasing but also structurally solid. We evaluate all the factors that created your current situation, including your bite and its ability to be adjusted, before we proceed. Once we know what caused your current condition in the first place and provide any necessary treatment, we can then help you explore the most innovative cosmetic remedies.

Dr. Frank Hernandez is highly accomplished in this area, having taught Cosmetic Dentistry as an instructor at the University of Southern California, where he attended dental school, he also participated in the creation of the Cosmetic Dentistry Department of USC, .


Whitening teeth. Protecting enamel.
We know that whiter teeth enhance a beautiful smile. Yet, the process must be completed correctly to reduce exposure. Beyond whitening your teeth, it is essential to keep intact your precious enamel. The chemicals have an oxidation process and, when not executed correctly, teeth whitening can weaken the enamel. We smooth out and apply the necessary medicaments to strengthen and protect teeth to ensure you don’t compromise the integrity of your enamel.

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