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Putting patients first. Always.
It begins the moment you walk through the door. At the dental office of Dr. Frank A. Hernandez, D.D.S., F.I.B.O., we’re passionate about going above and beyond to serve your family’s needs. Pairing the ultimate in advanced technology and equipment with the personal side of dentistry, here your family is part of ours. We improve the lives of our patients with a comprehensive and compassionate approach to the practice of dentistry and orthodontia.
Guided by knowledge, quality and integrity.
We are guided by our values of knowledge, quality and integrity. As such, we are continually learning and expanding our own knowledge base as we endeavor to educate our patients as well. This enables us to provide a sophisticated level of care as we advance our patient’s understanding of, and ability to be diligent about, their own dental health. Our entire team is dedicated to making a difference with treatment solutions that endure.
Leading the profession.
Growth and development dentistry is key to the evolved level of care we provide patients. If you wait until all of a child’s teeth are in, in our view it’s too late. Rather, we identify and make adjustments early as needed to facilitate proper growth. This enables us to help improve the natural growth pattern. It’s about curing problems rather than simply managing them. At Hernandez Dental, this is how we practice. And why, year after year, we remain at the forefront of the profession.
Our mission is to deliver consistently on our promise: ensuring you the highest standard of care as part of a genuinely reassuring and positive experience.
  • It is our intention to make it unacceptable to go to another office for dental work.
  • We promise to be loyal to you as a patient of Hernandez Dental.
  • We promise to be fair in business dealings with you.
  • We promise to be honest with you.
  • We promise to be kind, compassionate and considerate of your rights, feelings and anxieties.
  • We promise to fulfill any promise we make to you.
  • We want you to be fan of our office and services.
  • We are passionate about our quest to be a recognized dental office worldwide.
  • We are passionate about helping your child grow better.
  • We are passionate about providing  a better method for your orthodontic treatment.
  • We have the valley’s only onsite CAT Scan unit for properly diagnosing TMJ afflictions.

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Hernandez Dental 24/7 Emergency Dentisty
Hernandez Dental 24/7 Emergency Dentisty